Swedish German Rock Project Vol. 5 – Meisenfrei Blues Club Bremen – Old School Metal/Hard Rock

Rock’n’Roll is still alive!
The Swedish German Rock Project 6 (!!) will perform on June, 1st, 2019 at the Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen/Germany.
The stage will be rocked again!
This year the Rock Project celebrates its 5th edition.
Hekatomb, Rebels and Shiloblaengare serve old-school metal and hard rock from Sweden and Germany as a party.

The Rebels from Gotland present “Old School Metal” in a modern, personal and impressive way.
They play cover versions of Black Sabbath, Ramstein and their own songs.
Hekatomb from Stockholm also has Metal in the program, whose roots are definitely in the 70s and 80s of the last century. Supporters of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Dio will immediately feel at home, even if the band plays only their own songs.
Shiloblaengare play rock and hard rock. This evening probably only own songs are presented.

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Hekatomb/Stockholm/Sweden: Fredrik Stockhaus (vcls), Ruslan Shmulovich (gtr), Tomas Kihlberg (bss), Billy Chatzilouizos (drms/vcls)

Rebels/Gotland/Sweden: Rolle Simander (vcls), Anders Broberg (gtr/kbrds), Karl-Fredrik Andersson (gtr), Eva Fadeel (bss), Nicklas Gadd (drms)

Shiloblaengare/Bremen/Germany: Ralf “Rallifix” Lange (vcls/bss), Biggi Karweitsson (vcls), Thommi “Rick” Karweitsson (gtr/hrp/vcls), Slide Guitar Steve (gtr/vcls), Svensson (drms)

All the artwork made by Salinos.De sign ©

The Swedish German Rock Project movie is presented by VIP-Bremen & Salinos Design

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